Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hung over...

Ok, I went out to dinner with Adam last night. We ended up having sushi at Ra in Tempe. I noticed that while I really enjoy sushi, its not something that I will go eat by myself. I think maybe its the communal aspect of doing sake bombers. I am proud to say that I got Adam to try sake bombers for the first time last night. After that, we ended up going to Fat Tuesdays and having Slurpees for alcoholics. Yum. The downside to that is that my stomach has been doing backflips all morning... Reminds me of why I don't drink more, more often. Ugh.

That being said, I really dig hanging out with Adam -- though I noticed that I talked a WHOLE lot through the evening. I thought about it, though, and came to the conclusion that while I know a decent bit about Adam's life through his blog, he knew considerably less about my life. In that light, I think it was ok to let him catch up.

Anyway, I know things are pretty sparse both design and content-wise, but bear with me until I get to flesh things out more.

God, I hate being hung over...


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