Monday, December 29, 2008

The Best of 2008 - Part 1

It's natural to look back at the end of the year and take stock of the best the year had to offer. I'm no different, so I'm going to look a few important things that have made 2008 enjoyable. Part one is dedicated to the beeves, those shining stars that just leave me with a touch of the vapors. It's not a top-5 because there are only 4... (in no particular order... except my #1)

Barry from Sean Cody.
He's handsome, beefy and openly gay. And to tell the truth, he does bear some resemblance to someone in my real life over whom I was quite a-twitter not too terribly long ago, not to mention reminds me a bit of HUNKY HELO. What can I say? I admit it, I love me some white bread. Not only can he take it like a champ (and come asking for more), he's the type I'd be proud to take home to meet my parents.

Ross Hurston
Okay, I know the rules -- never judge a book by it's cover or a porn star by his films. Maybe he's wonderful, wholesome and incredibly well-read when he's off the set. All of those things are good things in my book, but all I have to go on are videos and this Brit knows how to take slutty, which I normally don't care for, and make it appealing. It raises another question -- when did the British suddenly start getting hot? (He's not the only these days, by any means...) Anyway, from someone I'd take home to meet the parents to someone I'd probably keep away from my parents, lest he cause me to do inappropriate acts in my parents' house.

Tyler Saint
If you're paying attention, you're noticing a general physical type emerging. Handsome, a killer... uh, smile. Has the amazing ability to be aggressive even when he's going down on a guy. Where Ross Hurston has that hint of slutty, Tyler Saint gives off a different energy. Maybe it's because I've seen Tyler in videos where he's in leather, but something about him says, "Regardless of what I'm doing, or perhaps BECAUSE of it, you WILL respect me." Self-respect is hot.

Finally, my #1:

Ben McAvinew
Okay, I want the record to be clear -- the guy is straight (as far as I know) and has no connection to pr0n at all. Aside from a handful of shots taken, he's really not out in the modeling world, either. And yes, he's clearly within the physical type that's been set out with the previous guys. But here's what sets him apart from the rest for me... it's the smolder. Something about the eyes. Call it a character defect, but that's what hits me most because it's something I understand... that feeling of holding back, for whatever reason. Maybe that's just the way life is as a Scorpio, or as a human for that matter. But if there's a lesson I'm learning, it's how to stop holding back. Here's to 2009 being the year where I'm finally ready to let go.

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