Saturday, July 23, 2005

Today Weather... is NASTY!

Ok, I'm a Phoenix native, so I rarely bitch about the weather here. Yeah, the summers are hot but 8 months out of the year are absolutely gorgeous. Personally, I think its a good tradeoff. Even most of the summer, while blisteringly hot, is somewhat more bearable because, as the cliche goes, its a dry heat. Well, the Monsoon season is now here. Normally, that's a good thing because the temperature drops and you get some very impressive thunderstorms. The down side is that the once dry heat is now icky and muggy. Today we're down to 98 degrees with 33% humidity... Now, I'm sure that's nothing compared to other parts of the country, or the world, even. For me, though, it feels awful. I suppose I'd feel better if I was rubbing a hot, sweaty guy like the one pictured, but no such luck. Hey, you never know, the weekend is still young.


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