Sunday, July 17, 2005

I'm in 'Love'

Ok guys, don't get TOO excited there... I am talking about Jennifer Love Hewitt. Katie Holmes used to be the straight woman I would marry if I were forced to marry a woman. Now that she's gone off the deep end and become a mindless zombie ever since she got tangled up with Tom, I think I've lost that lovin' feelin' for her. Well, Jennifer Love Hewitt is my backup.

I first encounter her, like many others, while watching Party of Five. She played the girlfriend of Bailey, played by the uber-hot Scott Wolf. Now I will admit that I spent much more time wishing I was with Scott Wolf than with Jennifer Love, but if I had to pick a woman off the show, it would be her... although Neve Campbell is attractive - her brother Christian is also very cute.

Anyway, I also dug Love in Can't Hardly Wait, where she played unattainable Amanda Beckett opposite Ethan Embry, who is just incredibly cute. He's got that cute, nice guy vibe that I really dig (note to the Universe: Send me one like that!). Ethan Embry also played the gay best friend of Reece Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama.

Anyway, I digress. Jennifer Love Hewitt is starring on a new CBS drama, entitled Ghost Whisperer. Its kinda like Robert Redford's The Horse Whisperer, only in this one, she can talk to ghosts instead of horses. This is hot on the heels of NBC's Medium, which despite the political upswing of conservative Christians, marks the rise of alternative spirituality based programming hitting the mainstream. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyway, I hope Jennifer Love does well, though I don't know if its enough to persuade me to actually watch the show... if its not Charmed or Gilmore Girls, I just can't bring myself to care. That's the scoop for today.