Monday, April 17, 2006

Bunny Hangover

Things have been pretty slow on my end - Easter weekend was slow at Miami. I confess that I've been a bit frustrated lately because the place closes out pretty quickly after last call. The gay scene in Phoenix has been that way for quite a while -- people want to check out the other place simple because its something to do. It used to drive me crazy because I'd be having a great time and then all of my friends would insist on leaving around 1am. Now the glass half-full part of me should be piping up and reminding me that it means I get to come home earlier. Unfortunately, a decent chunk of the time I get the feeling that people don't really care what I play. Not sure if there's an answer other than just to keep doing the best I can and letting things work out the way they will.

Aside from that, still in the middle of the job search, which has made life rather boring. Wish I had some fascinating story about the guy to the right, but he's just eye candy. Hopefully life will get moving again soon.


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