Monday, May 15, 2006

Hidden Meaning?

I filled in at my friend's company today, which left me a little time for reading, as things at the office are always slow. With all the recent controversy over The DaVinci Code, I figured I might as well read the book -- if the Church says it wants to use legal action to stop the movie, its on my must read list. So, I picked up a copy at lunch and finished reading it a little while ago. I found the experience to be akin to seeing Blair Witch after all the buzz died down: What is all the commotion about?

Ok, the book moves quickly (I read it in a few hours) but I was startled by just how unoriginal it was. Essentially, you've got National Treasure except its set in Paris as opposed to D.C./Boston and swap Tom Hanks for Nicholas Cage... and National Treasure had the tres cute Justin Bartha. We've also already heard the whole "Jesus and Mary Magdalene were doin' the nasty" idea and its hardly a secret that the Church replaced the meanings to countless pagan symbols.

So I ask the question again: Why all the fuss?


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