Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fave Episodes - No. 2

bscap0270No. 2 - Home pt. 2

Ok, this one is a logical step forward from the last one -- Starbuck, Sharon & Helo return back from Caprica; Adama returns to Kobol to put the fleet back together and mend fences with Apollo and Roslin; the new Sharon demonstrates to Adama that she can be trusted by not shooting him and shooting Zarek's mutineous henchman, Meier, who had plotted to kill Adama, Roslin and Apollo. To boot, they find the Tomb of Athena and use the Arrow of Apollo to reveal the map to Earth. Oh, and by the way, Sharon gets some nice reconnect time with her previous copy's love, Chief Tyrol. Its one big happy family.


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