Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another Sign Religion is Dead

This is Pride season in the land of the Gays and with the return of Pride returns the annual murmurs that Pride has devolved into just another excuse to sell alcohol and other varied products. Whether you agree that Pride is still necessary or should be cast to the Gay dumpster, let's take a look on the other side of the spectrum, shall we?

Introducing Virtue, the first "Christian" perfume. I know it sounds like something from The Onion, but this one is real. From Virtue's website: "In practically all religions and Spiritual practices, persons of high Spiritual attainment are known to give off a fragrance, attributed to their Virtue. Christ, many of the Saints, and numerous others with highly developed spirituality, are, historically, known to have given off such a fragrance."

Classic! "Buy this perfume and you too can be holy!" That ranks right up with, "Buy this beer and these large-breasted identical twins will want to sleep with you!" I don't mean to suggest that all religious people are somehow insincere. That said, I can just picture Jesus buying a bottle of "Virtue" perfume for Mary Magdalene. Or was that what she used when she dried Jesus's feet with her hair? Maybe the Three Magi brought a bottle to the Virgin Mary at the birth of Jesus.

The gold cross isn't enough... nor is the "Real Men Love Jesus" bumpersticker on the back of the SUV... really, even though my kids are all decked out in T-Shirts with biblical quotes and we can do all our shopping at the megamall church we attend and listen to religious gansta rappers for Jesus, I really must wear Virtue perfume as a sign of my faith. Yes, once I have Virtue perfume, I will be holy.

So, let's just say that commercialism is commercialism, whether its aimed at the gay community or anywhere else...

(via The Daily Dish)

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