Friday, June 22, 2007

Dalton In Trouble Again...

For those of you who have a prison fetish, Mark Dalton is the guy for you. I've written about Dalton's previous problems with the law... from what I've read, he's already had domestic violence issues as well as a drug arrest. One would hope that he had learned his lesson, but apparently not. According to Jason Curious (NSFW!), Dalton was arrested on May 31st for another domestic violence altercation, which also violated his parole. Its unclear whether any charges will be filed, but currently Dalton is still a guest of Denton County. I don't know whether its the 'roids or just heterosexual stupidity, but let's hope he manages to get his life turned around.

Maybe its just poor lighting, but the man is what, 26 or 27 and looks much older. Sad.

Mugshot courtesy of GayPornBlog. (NSFW)

via Towleroad.

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