Tuesday, January 29, 2008

February 2008 Podcast

Hey everybody! I decided to switch from the format to a podcast and hopefully to increase the exposure, to boot. A note on the podcasts -- I've cut the bit rate for a couple of reasons, one to make the file sizes reasonable and keep bandwidth space to a minimum, second, I'd really like to encourage people to purchase tracks they like whenever possible. I'm providing links for tracks that can be purchased online, and I'll update them to include more as I get them. Enjoy!

February 2008 Podcast
(download here - mp3 format, 62kbps)
  1. Tidal Flow (Original Mix)- Third Member
  2. Aguablanca (Puestas Del Sol Club Mix) - Dan Rubell Presents Aguablanca
  3. Shine On Me (DJ Wady & Patrick M Bedroom Remix) - J.Lewis, Ferran, Tikaro feat. Clarence
  4. Stars (Tony Moran Peak Hour Mix) - Erika Jayne (available at iTunes)
  5. The Flame 2008 (Solar City 10th Anniversary Mix) - Erin Hamilton (available at
  6. Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher (Arenna Mix) - Gioia Bruno
  7. Doo Doo Wop (Chuck Bleu's Dust Traxx Chicago Re-edit) - Paul Johnson
  8. It Doesn't Take Much (Solasso Mix) - Sarah Atereth (available at iTunes)
  9. Tiny Dancer (Camel Rider Extended Mix) - Marco Demark feat. Casey Barnes

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