Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Relax, not blogging or beef haitus. One of the things I've tried to do in the past few years of my life has been to weed out the stuff that drives me crazy -- that's included a number of people, living situations, jobs, stuff like that. By and large, its been a good thing -- I don't miss the drama. Yesterday I took the next step and decided I would not read the news.

Imagine -- large, multinational organizations that scour the globe to find things in order to convince you that the world is a fucked up place. Do I really need to know that Britney was spotted in Mexico humping a chihuahua? Not at all. Do I really need to know the Grand Wizard of Transylvania declared jihad on people named Clyde? Absolutely not. Is it crucial for me to hear which jabs Hillary and Obama have launched at each other yesterday? Ehh, it might be amuzing, but crucial? Nope. By and large, these things have absolutely no impact on my life. Even most of the stuff that's happening in town, like the wild dingoes eating babies, just doesn't concern me. In fact, by and large, my life works pretty darn well.

So, after 24 hours or so, how is it going? Truth be told, its been a challenge -- I don't think I realized just how much time I spent on news related stuff -- not just the news but people's reactions to and opinions about the news... and people's opinions about people's opinions... etc. I still find myself habitually about to check in with the latest goings on and opinions and then I stop myself. But overall, its been a great experience -- many fewer voices shouting at me that life is somehow broken.

There's still a little part of me that whispers, "You need to be informed... its selfish to not know what's going on around you." Selfish? You're goddamn right.

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