Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving Forward

I've been a little quiet on the blog front lately. A few weeks ago I got involved with a couple of new nights at two clubs in Scottsdale - Six and e4. I'd wanted to get back to DJing again and these both landed in my lap in the span of 24 hours. It's been great because opportunities made their way to me. At the same time, because these are new and just getting off the ground, I've spent a fair bit of time and energy worrying that they wouldn't happen at all and then that we won't be able to make them succeed. To compensate for that, I've been spending even more energy trying to get out and promote and feel like I'm doing everything I can to help make things successful. That's left very little energy left to blog... or for much of anything else.

It would seem like that's just the way things start out -- unfamiliar, unsure... the feeling of patience and anxiety. I know it isn't just me, everyone I'm working with seems to be going through those same growing pains. What's been helpful is seeing the physical evidence of what's going on in my internal process -- people not being on the same page, lack of coordination, some fuzzy ideas needing definition. In the beginning it really bothered me -- it just seemed to dredge up a lot of issues I had been avoiding before. While it's only been a few weeks into things, I'm learning to relax and see the signs of progress. I don't know how things will wind up, but I'm starting to understand the process much more and finding things to enjoy as things develop. I'm also becoming more aware of what happens when you try to microwave things -- so many of the little things you need for something to work in the long term just don't happen.

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