Friday, October 03, 2008

VP Debate Reaction

I was chatting with my friend Mikey today about the VP debate. He thought Biden was a little off his game. I explained that Biden had to really tone his usual shtick down because Palin has a vagina. That's a little too harsh because it wasn't just that Palin has a vajayjay, it's that she has a vajayjay and is completely unqualified. So that means we have to be super nice.

Because of that, Biden had to take a different tone -- show that he was intelligent, knowledgable and in touch with voters' concerns. He also did a great job hitting at John McCain and tying him to the Bush Administration. From what I've read and seen about reactions from undecided voters, they responded to him well.

Palin did a much better job than expected. She didn't make a complete ass of herself and as a human being, I have to admit that I was relieved. Beyond the underlying train wreck factor, Palin demonstrated that she's every bit as good as a Teddy Ruxpin. She can say anything you tell her to say and by golly, the eyes and mouth move along with the recording! It became painfully apparent that she was either not willing or not capable to do anything beyond that -- the most illustrative point on that was when Biden got choked up talking about knowing what it's like being a single parent worrying that one his sons wouldn't make it... Given Biden's family history, the human response would be to acknowledge that and show some compassion. Instead TeddyPalin immediately launched into how John McCain is a maverick.

By golly, the eyes and mouth move along with the recording!

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