Monday, September 22, 2008


Having posted that Adama campaign poster earlier today, I've been in a bit of a BSG mode this evening. (Maybe I've just been needing a dose of some HUNKY HELO in my life...)

Anyway, I was poking around NBC's site, and noticed that they have a range of full episodes of different shows, including BSG. Clicking a bit further, I realized that these were episodes of the original series. I decided to take in one of the classic episodes -- I'd seen all of the original episodes many times growing up. I had a way of nostalgia, remember how much I enjoyed the show growing up -- the original BSG came out in 1978, which would have made me 5 at the time -- a little young to have watched the show when it originally aired, especially given that it only lasted until 1979, along with the brief Galactica 1980 show. Still, I have many vivid memories of the show and I know that many of my friends at the time were similarly enthralled.

Beyond the original nostalgia, I couldn't help but marvel at how much better the current show is. I know that's hardly a revelation -- the current series has been airing since the 2003 miniseries, but this was the first time that I've gone back to watch any of the original since I started watching the current incarnation of BSG.

Of course the production and special effects are a quantum leap from the original series, but what struck me most was how the tone of the two series differs. Sparked by the success of Star Wars, BSG and it's twin, Buck Rogers, also created by BSG's Glen Larson, sci fi on the small screen hadn't advanced much since the original Star Trek. I'm really proud that sci fi has become a more serious and legitimate form of story telling in the current series. Certainly, as with the original Star Trek, the producers of sci fi have always been able to use it as a vehicle on which to comment on society, but it's quite impressive to have a show that is able to transcend the genre and become a great story in it's own right.

As I've mentioned before, this isn't really news -- but sometimes you have to go back and see how far things have progressed. I suppose that's what is in my head the most about this -- not necessarily about BSG itself, but for life in general it's easy to get bogged down in what happens on a day to day basis. It's good to take a step back sometimes and really get a sense at how far you've come. It really helps me get a sense of appreciation for all that's happened over the years. That's true in my life in general and it's especially true in appreciating a shirtless Helo.

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