Thursday, September 30, 2004

About The Election

I know I've blogged a decent bit about the election so far and that I really can't stand George W. Bush. To be honest, I have to admit that in the big picture, neither Bush nor Kerry are the types of leaders we need. Neither has the ability to really solve the issues facing our country and neither is really willing to tell the real truth and take a stand. Neither really understands the bigger picture. Ralph Nader is actually right. My big question is this -- I really would like Bush to lose and that means voting for Kerry, but ultimately, I know that Kerry isn't the answer anyway. So do I do what I feel is right and disregard the outcome, which means I would have to vote for Nader or do I try to get the outcome I want, which is voting for Kerry? Up until now I was really going to side with Kerry... now I'm left with being in the uncomfortable position of believing that I should do what is right regardless of outcome and really having to live up to that...


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