Tuesday, September 21, 2004


I just received the latest issue of Instinct Magazine today. They had Reichen from last year's The Amazing Race on the cover. I ended up meeting him at a 4th of July party in Paradise Valley. I have to say that in addition to being HOT HOT HOT, he turned out to be a very nice, down to earth, intelligent guy. What's more, after 3 hours and several cocktails, he even remembered my name, even at a party with 150 people there. Now, that gets mega-bonus points in my book, since I seem to forget someone's name by the time they finish saying it. (Maybe that's why I just stopped asking for names with some of the tricks I've had...) In any event, its hard to predict how fame will affect someone, but my impression is that he's handled it pretty well. I was a little disappointed to read in the Instinct interview that he's dating someone now, but hey, by the time I finally move out to LA, who knows what will have happened, eh? In any event, he's someone I wish all the success in the world.


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