Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Despite wicked-long days of mind-numbing document review, strangely enough, my world seems to have come back into balance... As tired as I was today, I ended up getting a burst of intense positive vibes when my friend Mikey in SD called this morning... I had been really questioning the direction of my life lately -- not so much down on myself as really wondering if I had misread what my inner voice had been telling me... struggling on questions of love, work and direction -- major issues.

Anyway, I had made a dual CD set for Mikey and his bf, Jim's, anniversary. I really wanted to do something special for them because they've both been such good friends. Mikey called and we finally got to talk about the CDs. To make a long story short, he and Jim loved it, which made me really happy. As a bonus, I really respect his opinion when it comes to dance music, so it really had a double impact on me... as we talked about the music I couldn't ignore the energy running through me, especially compared to how tired and drained I'd been feeling just moments earlier. It reminded me of how much I love the music and that I'm in it for all the right reasons.

As I struggled to regain my focus the rest of the day at work, the big questions I had been asking seemed to answer themselves -- I'm on the right path... in my heart I know its true, regardless of how things appear at times. I'm part of something bigger than me, and I don't need to sweat the details, I just need to be open to what life has to serve up Life is magic if I let it be.


Thank you, Universe!


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