Saturday, November 05, 2005

For my B-Day...

Just a quick note for now... This past week I've been watching the series, Firefly, which is the predecessor to the movie, Serenity. I may have to buy the series just so I can watch Sean Maher over and over and over again. Sean plays Simon Tam, the doctor, on Firefly/Serenity. Ok, without question, the man is just stunning. What I also love is that the character is just incredibly amazing -- intelligent, brave and caring as well a little awkward and quirky. Put all that together with stunning good looks and baby, that's marriage material. That would be about as close to my ideal husband as I can think of. Of course, he's just a character, who knows what Sean the actor is really like. Still, you figure there's gotta be someone out there like that somewhere...

If you want to know what I want for my B-Day... ;)


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