Friday, January 27, 2006

Vegans are terrorists?

Last month I wrote about how a kiss-in protest of a military recruiter was determined to be a threat to national security. This time instead of The Gays acting up, its the vegans who threaten the safety of our great nation... Reports out of Georgia explain that a vegan protest of a Honeybaked Ham store was being surveilled by a DeKalb County Homeland Security undercover agent, who was photographing the protest and the protesters. One of the protesters was had the unmitigated gall to approach the officer and write down the license plate number of the officer's unmarked car. She was arrested when she refused to surrender the paper with the license plate number.

Ok, I'm not a vegan and I loves me some Honeybaked Ham. Nonetheless, this should alarm everyone, regardless of their affinity for meat-products. While I understand that terrorism is a reality that we have to deal with, its incidents like this that make me think that the terrorists have already won... Our government's willingness to destroy the foundations of our country makes it more dangerous than any terrorist ever could be.


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