Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Something is Seriously Wrong!

When RJ was here in town a few weeks ago, he mentioned that I came off as a bit of a goody goody on the blog because I don't write about my slutty exploits. Let me be the first to say that just because I don't write about my exploits doesn't mean they haven't happened. In fact, it is almost the 1 year anniversary of the Italian Beef episode, so you can expect to see a full accounting of that very soon.

Anyway, I've noticed something lately and I feel compelled to share. Like many gay men out there, I've always had a strong appreciation for porn. Yes, watching hot guys go at it on video seemed to always hit the right buttons, as it were. Of course today there's more porn available than ever before - from the old standbys like Colt and Falcon to the recent explosion of "amateur" sites like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher, to name just a few. A few years ago it was kind of an event to see a porn star because there weren't THAT many of them. These days, however, I have to struggle to remember the people I know who HAVEN'T done porn. Its a bit unsettling to be watching a video only to notice that you had brunch last week with the guy moaning like a cheap whore.

That brings me back to my point: We had Pride here in Phoenix a few weeks ago and Falcon had a booth set up there complete with porn stars signing autographs. Of course, I took a cruise by for a moment but I was extremely disappointed. First of all, I've never heard of either of the guys there -- maybe that's just a sign that Phoenix is considered a backwater in the schemes of the porn world. Beyond that, however, on an objective basis, while the guys were attractive, you'd have a hard time arguing that they were considerably more attractive than some of the guys you would see out on a regular Saturday night. Indeed, there wasn't that much to set them apart from any of the attractive, gym-worked guys you can see at any large club or circuit party... except... I remember looking at one of the guys and while he had a nice body and attractive face, I just couldn't ignore the fact that they just didn't fit together... In fact, it was clear that the guy had over-plucked his eyebrows and I was pretty certain that he should have taken some more time to find makeup that better matched his skin tone. Maybe its internalized homophobia or something, but that is SO not hot.

As I've mentioned before, I appreciate porn and I've had my brushes with porn greatness... I've managed to make out with Dean Phoenix and I had Matthew Rush shove his ass in my face while I was in the front row of his performance of Making Porn. (For the record, while Rush seems like a very nice guy, ain't no way that he could be believable as a straight guy even if his life depended on it.) I've seen Billy Harrington yanked off the stage because he was showing his hole and last July 4th I got to hang out with Eric Evans and his bf a little bit (they're both VERY nice and make a great couple).

That being said, upon further examination I've discovered lately a much different reaction to porn... Boredom. My God, I can't believe I just said that. Yes, lately porn has struck me as tired, contrived and downright boring. Perhaps in years past porn tapped in to some of the unexplored fantasies rolling around in my head... But once you've had a spontaneous orgy actually occur at a party you've attended and been through a fivesome or two, really, what's left? When you run across a video shot at a sex club you've been to and the memories you have of the place are much steamier than the video, the whole wish fulfillment part of porn goes out the window. All you're left with is some guy's cock going in someone's ass over and over and over again. *YAWN*

Don't get me wrong, I loves me some beef and I will always be able to appreciate beautiful men, but something is definitely different these days.


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