Monday, May 22, 2006

Time to Say Goodbye

Before you guys read too much into the title of this entry -- the blog isn't going anywhere! Rather, this past week we said goodbye to two long running TV shows -- Will & Grace and Charmed. As much as I'd like to get all nostalgic about both finales, I can't deny that the clock had struck midnight and it was time for both shows to call it quits. I had lost interest in Will & Grace for most of this season -- even though I knew it was the last season, it just never held my interest. And on Charmed, even though I caught just about every episode this season, things had really gone down hill.

I wasn't watching much TV lately, now Will & Grace and Charmed are gone. That raises two important questions -- 1) Is there any reason to watch NBC anymore? and 2) Do I really need to own a TV these days?


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