Monday, June 05, 2006

(Career) Death of a Baldwin

Remember in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone refers to attractive guys as "Baldwins?" Remember when it seemed like the Baldwin family would infiltrate every corner of Hollywood, at least until they were cut down in the South Park movie? Those days appear to be long gone.

I was flipping channels late this evening and ran across a rerun of Will & Grace airing on Lifetime. Of course, Lifetime has always been "Television for women (and gay men)," but it appears that its approaching the gayness level of Logo, with Will & Grace appearing approximately every other hour.

Anyway, I digress. Anyone who's seen even the smallest snippet of Lifetime knows that its also well known for its made for cable specials -- essentially two movies with infinite permutations: 1) Not Until The Dingo Eats My Daughter - Something takes mother's child... ex-husband, escaped convict, deranged wildebeast... determined mother won't rest until she gets child back, even without the help of the authorities and; 2) Reverse Fatal Attraction - Wife hooks up with someone, he's a psycho and threatens to destroy her family.

Essentially, appearance in a Lifetime special marks the nadir of your acting career. So, as Will & Grace went to commercial, I was shocked to see that Billy Baldwin was starring as the psycho lover in Lifetime's newest special. This was almost as difficult to accept as seeing Alec since he's put on all that weight. A tragedy indeed.


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