Friday, July 07, 2006

Geekdom Ascendant!

From my earliest childhood days I've been your standard geek -- pretty much avoided anything athletic, read a lot, loved sci-fi and the lot. My transition into gayness felt like a move in a much different direction -- my interests and attention shifted toward dance music and shirtless circuit boys. Deep down, though, the heart of the geek I've always been remained. Fortunately, when friends asked me to go with them to see LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring at midnight when it opened, I realized that I was not alone. Since that time, I've noticed quite a bit of my childhood favorites coming back into the public eye: first was Sprite's string of Voltron commercials...

We've also had the three X-Men movies. Now comes the triumphant return of the Transformers in a new live-action movie.

Right now my inner child is dancing on top of the couch with reckless abandon.


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