Monday, August 14, 2006


poslusznyOnce again I was filling in at my friend's company today. They just moved and everything there is pretty crazy. The regular reception woman was there so I had no computer access. Basically I sat around all day and read. At lunch I headed to the grocery store and picked up some more reading material -- pickings were slim and all I managed to get was a copy of ESPN the Magazine. Most of it was stuff I couldn't care less about. About half way through, however, I was struck by this incredibly hot figure -- Penn State linebacker Paul Posluszny. OMFG, I was stunned. I ogled him, I read the article, then ogled him some more. After a while, though, I felt a pang of shame -- this guy plays for Penn State, a team Notre Dame will be playing very soon. He's gonna try to hurt my golden boy, Brady Quinn. Does the fact that I'd like to lick the sweat off his body make me a traitor?


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