Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SD Pride Report

SD Pride 001I didn't want you guys thinking that my weekend in San Diego was all mooning and moaning over my aforementioned guy. 'Twas not so! I did have my share of fun, though I may not have walked away with the grand prize. Anyway, here's a recap. Friday night started off with a cocktail party with my friends Troy, Andrew & Jim and their friends. Good company, good conversation and a few cocktails got the night started off right. We all went our separate ways after that -- I ended up going to hear DJ Brett Henrichsen spin at 4th & B.

Most of the gang I usually hang out with made other plans for the night. SD Pride 014Fortunately, I ended up seeing a few friends I knew from Phoenix. The turnout was a little disappointing, especially because my friends had tried to buy tickets earlier in the day and were told that it had been sold out. Still, Brett always delivers a solid performance and there was a hunky muscleboy from Salt Lake City who kept making it a point to bump into me. Unfortunately, he had a boyfriend, who I believe was there at the party, so I decided not to pursue things further. I've replayed that party in my mind and questioned whether that was a wise move. Oh well.

Saturday was the parade. I spent a decent bit of time looking for people in my group, but managed to miss them. I did, however, run into plenty of Phoenix boys. I swear, half the town was there. Later that night I ended up heading to Rich's. Despite having arrived when the club was supposed to open, I ended up having to wait 45 minutes in line because they decided not to open on time. To boot, I had a pushy Asian queen hanging all over me and I was too polite to tell him to fuck off. Once I got into the club, however, I was able to relax and have a couple of drinks. One of the club goers that evening was Matthew Rush and a big beefy blond who appeared to be his boyfriend. Coincidentally, I remember the blond from my first White Party in 2001. Rush has always been a big boy but seems to have gotten significantly bigger than the last time I saw him. Personally he's gotten much bigger than I would find attractive, but taste is all subjective, right? I also could have sworn I also saw Dean Phoenix there, who also looked much more worked out than the time he kissed me in Phoenix. I thought he looked better back then... more real. I don't know that he saw me or would have remembered. Didn't think it was really worth bringing up.

Sunday I ended up going to have lunch with a former roommate and then headed off to the Zoo Party. That's always my favorite part of the weekend. I saw quite a number of friends and Phil B did a marvelous set. Tony Moran followed up for the second half and I wasn't really thrilled with him. I would have preferred Phil to do the entire set. Still, I ended up staying until they closed the party. Quite a good time.

In any event, I even though I didn't end up spending much time with the aforementioned someone, that was a choice on my part -- he actually mentioned not really seeing me for most of the party. I'll admit that sometimes I can get lost in my own head. Really, I used to be much worse with that. On the whole, I had a good weekend, even if it wasn't all it could have been. In fact, I noticed that I had a much better time than I would have, given the circumstances, than I would have a few years ago. I've come a long way, even if I haven't quite sorted through everything I'd like. By the time I got home and had a chance to look at things, I realized that I had the weekend I needed, even if I didn't quite get the weekend I might have liked.


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