Monday, January 15, 2007

One Night Only

Marc_BrettWe had DJ Brett Henrichsen spinning here in Phoenix last night -- a rare event as Brett hasn't made an appearance in Arizona in about three years. I met him originally the first time he was in town at Splash Bash several years ago. As it turns out, he was friends with my friend Michelle, who is also a DJ here in town (DJ SisterSin, for those of you keeping score.) and who I had met a few months after I first met Brett.

This was back in the days before I started DJing -- well, before I was DJing officially. I had fallen in love with dance music a couple of years earlier and had started making CDs for my friends... anyway, I digress. So, Michelle and I became fast friends despite the factAll3BMMe that we're seemingly very different in so many ways. But I found it odd that these DJs kept popping into my life. Call it a sign, I guess.

Flash forward three years or so, Michelle, Brett and I have just finished a quick dinner at Camus before heading over to Burn. Brett's just started his set with this rather showy "audio setup" introduction -- that's Brett, ever the showman. Michelle and I are laughing outside the booth yelling at him to just start the first song already, then we both take pictures of Brett's ass.

Its one of the moments where I stop and realized that never in my life would I have imagined that I would be here, with these people, in this life. Can't say I really understand how I ended up here but I know that I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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