Monday, February 12, 2007


Now that the new Mini is finally home, my most recent issue is that the hood is bare. The stripes are mine for the choosing. I've got several options, so I figured I'd let you guys weigh in. Here are the options:

Option 1: The standard white stripes. I think black would be a little too dark on a dark blue car.

Option 2: The triple checkerboard. A nice variation on the checkerboard theme you usually see on the top of the Cooper.

Option 3: The offset stripes. On the driver's side. Again, white.

Option 4: Lightning. White, with black accent.

There are other options - you can check them out over at MightyStripes, but those are the ones that I really like. There's also the question of whether to just stick to the hood (bonnet) or add them to the boot and top. You can take a look at how that looks at MightyStripes, but the Offset is the only one I think looks good over the length of the car. I'm going to leave that question for the time being. Anyway, feel free to vote and/or comment. I'm looking forward to what people think.

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