Sunday, February 04, 2007


I went out for coffee with Jake and Matt the other day and one of the interesting topics of conversation was about a client of Jake's janitorial business in (*city deleted*). At some point Jake came over to the client's house, who apparently was some very important member of the community -- maybe a (*position deleted*) or something, to find the guy at home, on the floor barking like a dog. His partner was also there and upon realizing that Jake was there, he ordered Fido into his room, allowing Jake and his crew to do their work. Now I know what you're thinking -- what exactly is noteworthy about this situation? Doesn't everybody spend their time imitating their favorite pet and eating kibble from a bowl? My point exactly. I've recently come across a company that specializes in products that can accomodate the need for a handmade leather hood that makes Fido look like the dog he really is and also has a zipper for the mouth for those cases where you have to feed him or have some other bright ideas about what he can do with his mouth. Personally, I prefer the hood that makes the guy look like a pony.

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