Monday, March 12, 2007

Whip It!

Something about El Salvador made him feel dirty. Not "I need to take a shower" dirty, but "I need someone to tie me up and treat me like a farm animal" dirty. Some say that working for the government involves a necessary amount of whoring yourself out, but life at the Embassy was starting to get under his skin. One might think that life as an Ambassador might be all anyone could ask for -- a life of luxury and comfort. Surely, this is the pinnacle of your career.

Perhaps it was the comfort and luxury that brought out this side of him -- all that refinement made him uneasy. Finally, he couldn't help himself. Just one cocktail as he thought about his life back in Israel. Oh my, wouldn't my leather harness feel wonderful right now? Let's have another drink while we put it on. Before you know it, you find yourself out on the street stinking drunk, bound, gagged and dressed in full S&M regalia. Could happen to anyone.

Gee, Israeli officials need to lighten up. Everyone feels a little kinky from time to time.

(Israeli Ambassador recalled - from Raw Story.)

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