Monday, April 30, 2007

Creatures of the Deep pt. 2

Perhaps there are some who thought the "Balrog" entry from a couple of days ago was a bit alarmist, but there are many reasons to fear the creatures of the deep...

Legends of "vagina dentata" have been around for years, but a South African company has been working hard to bring the legend into reality! The "Rapex" female condom was designed to combat sexual assault by giving would be attackers a little more than they bargained for. I've told guys to mind their teeth before, so I can hardly imagine what's in store for them.

What other horrors lie in the murky deep? Beware the tampon tazer! That's right, 50,000 volts go along with that easy glide applicator. Every straight man who's asked a woman if she's "on the rag" has reason to fear the Pink Stinger.

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