Saturday, October 27, 2007


I can't say I'm too terribly surprised. I went for another run today, taking a route by the park and on a big orange sign there was a picture of cat's cute mug staring back at me. Dutifully, I called the phone number and found out the back story -- Tuesday he had followed his kids to school -- another school a bit away -- and wouldn't leave. So school officials took him and drove him to the school by my house and left him in the park. And so far from home he stayed all day and into the night until he found the one person he knew would take good care of him and who would also love him enough to make sure he found his way back to his other family. He knew what he was doing.

There might be some who say that all my talk about a friend reincarnated finding his way home was a little foolish. It was just a lost kitten that looked like my old cat and needed someone to take care of him. Once I took him home I spoke to the woman's fiancee -- "I'm so glad to have Trouble back." "Trouble? His name is Trouble?" That was Stinky's given name when I adopted him... I ended up changing it to his middle name. So while my heart is broken once again, I know my old friend knew he could always trust me to do what is right.

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