Sunday, December 02, 2007

Patrick Stewart's Guide To Beautiful Bald Beeves

Ok, I went out last night and realized that while I've had many beeves on this blog over the past several years, its time for me to do a tribute to the BBBs - "Beautiful Bald Beeves." So, in the immortal words of Jean Luc Picard, "Make it so."

Francois Sagat
Definitely someone who's gotten much hotter over the brief time he's been in the spotlight -- the beard really works for him. A pity that he's not blogging anymore -- I'm the type that likes to see the person behind the hotness and Francois showed off some of his other talents (graphic design, in particular) that I really enjoyed. I know some people don't like the head tattoo, but there's plenty else to enjoy. Much love to Sagat, who even scored his own haiku.

Luke Garrett
OMFGBBQ! This man is SO incredibly fine. He's my height and pure beef but also has a great vibe about him, at least from what I've seen (never had the pleasure of meeting him). I'd almost be willing to sell one of my turntables for a night with Luke... almost. In fact, he kind of reminds me of a guy that used to live here in Phoenix several years ago -- another hot bald musclebeef that was quite friendly. There was an episode with a hot tub that I won't go into detail on (I ain't geekslut, y'all) but suffice it to say that it was quite a cherished memory and the first thing he mentioned to me the next time I saw him about six months later.

Ty LeBeouf
A newcomer to the scene, Ty actually reminds me of a straight friend from a few years ago... except he wasn't inked, muscled, tan and frequently naked. I haven't seen much of him yet, though much like Luke Garrett, I also get a good vibe from Ty -- like after a night of hot, sweaty pig sex he'd be good to fall asleep next to and end up wakin you up with a sweet kiss in the morning... and then maybe another round of hot, sweaty pig sex. Heh. Also, I know Alex likes em inked, so it'll be interesting to hear him chime in.

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