Sunday, November 25, 2007

America Calls, Hollywood Answers.

Last night I went with Alex to see Enchanted. An enjoyable Disney flick. Aside from confirming that there are no straight animators and talking about Patrick Dempsey with a Prince Albert, the previews served the real excitement of the evening...

Ask yourself, "What is your heart's true desire?" No, it isn't "true love's kiss," its a sequel to National Treasure. Fear not because Hollywood is making your dream come true.

I admit, I went to see the original National Treasure when it came out. While the original was just a mediocre knockoff of The Da Vinci Code, it wasn't too bad -- the cute Justin Bartha made it watchable. They laid the groundwork for a sequel in the first film, though I had no clue that the first did well enough to justify a second film.

So the first film wasn't THAT bad, what's my beef with the sequel? Two words: Nicholas Cage. As I've written before, I've never been a big Nicholas Cage fan and having also watched Ghost Rider with Alex I know that Nicholas Cage is looking AWFUL these days. If they made a remake of John Carpenter's classic They Live, Cage would be a shoo-in for one of the aliens... I thought that was the reason they cast him in Ghost Rider -- they could just light his fake hair on fire and save money on special effects.

That said, I'll probably end up catching this one on NetFlix just so I can watch Justin Bartha. Thank you, Hollywood.

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