Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It Depends

I know I said I was going to make the leap to podcasts, but because iTunes won't let me send out my podcasts through their service, I don't see much point in it. Anyway, here's my latest CD, now on Radio.Blog. Enjoy!

You can also purchase most of the tracks on the CD by clicking on the links.
  1. Anthem (Cicada Mix) - Filo & Peri feat. Eric Lumiere
  2. Perfect Color (Jason Tregebov Remix) - Tanto Project (Available at Resonant Vibes)
  3. It Depends (Sanya Shelest Remix) - Rocket 2 Mars
  4. Love & Cuddles (Original Mix) - Nacho Chapado feat. Micky Forteza
  5. Canta Conmigo (Funky Junction Spanish Vocal Mix) - Blue Man Group
  6. Shine On Me (DJ Wady & Patrick M Bedroom Mix) - J. Louis, Ferran & Tikaro feat. Clarence
  7. Aguablanca (Puestas Del Sol Club Mix) - Aguablanca
  8. You Control Your Life (Original Mix) - Alex Herrera
  9. Toma Latinos (Club Full Drive Mix) - Rey Salinero
  10. Doo Doo Wop (Chuck Bleu's Dust Traxx Chicago Re-edit) - Paul Johnson
  11. Amazing (Tracy Young Club Mix) - Celeda
  12. Tiny Dancer (The Camel Rider Mix) - Marco DeMark feat. Casey Barnes

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