Sunday, October 31, 2004

Day of the Dead

One of the things I love in Mexican culture is the Day of the Dead. I remember my initial reaction when I was in Mexico City was that it seems incredibly morbid. We're not used to such an upfront discussion of death in American culture. What I later learned was that the Day of the Dead is not morbid at all. In fact, it is an acceptance of death as a part of life and a celebration of those that have gone before us -- those we have loved who have passed still live on. On this day, we remember them and we feel them with us, even if we can't see them.

I went to a Halloween party at the Icehouse last night. It was great to be out and social again, especially since I haven't been too terribly social lately. And in the middle of all the people and costumes, for me it was a celebration of a different sort. It was a celebration of those who have passed from my life, relationships that have run their course, chapters in life that have come to a close. And as the music played around me, I danced -- danced to remember, to celebrate and to give thanks.


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