Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Nun Bun on the Run!

Maybe the whole right-wing hysteria about Christmas being under attack is true... or perhaps there's something greater at work here. The BBC is reporting that a cinnamon bun bearing the likeness of the late Mother Theresa was stolen from a Tennessee coffeehouse on Christmas Day. Apparently, the Bongo Java coffee shop had been selling lots of merchandise bearing the likeness of the Mother Theresa pastry since it was discovered in 1996, until Mother Theresa, prior to her death, herself asked them to stop.

So, while Fundamentalists may describe this as another attack on Christianity, personally, I think there are two more likely explanations:

1) Hey, it was Jesus's supposed birthday, not Mother Theresa's. Too much attention on a cinnamon bun instead of the baby Jesus. The madness needed to stop.

2) Mother Theresa reached out from beyond the grave to halt the crass commercialism. She was all about the bread and wine that are the Body and Blood of Christ, not a cinnamon bun and a latte.


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