Monday, February 06, 2006


Ok, I've generally been skeptical of "scientific" analyses of supposed tendencies of the sexes. History teaches us that our internal assumptions about gender tend to distort the outcomes of these studies. In any event, a recent study examined the brain scans of men and women while viewing various photographs of faces. Scientists theorized that people would respond to characteristics of reproductive fitness -- that is, reproduction is the guiding force in choosing a mate. The results of the study suggest that other factors may be just as important.

I know you're asking, "Marc, why the hell should I care?" Good question. The study also suggested that sexual orientation affected the viewer's responses -- while everyone processes facial information the same way, sexual orientation modifies which faces we register as pleasurable. "For heterosexual men and homosexual women, this part of the brain activated more when subjects viewed female faces. Conversely, homosexual men and heterosexual women showed more activity in this same region when they viewed male faces." In English, it means that I think Jamie Bamber is HOT and brain scans will confirm this.

For us homos, I don't think this is big news. For those in the "homosexuality is a choice" camp, this is just another bit of physiological evidence that tends to discredit that idea. What will they think to measure next? Comparative brainscans while watching musical theatre?


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