Thursday, March 30, 2006

Only The French!

In the middle of the Christian Fundamentalist power grab that we've been experiencing in this country, its easy to forget that other countries have a much more liberal attitude toward sex. Most of Europe, in particular, seems to avoid the puritanical hangups we have here. While the religious right complains about our "sex-crazed" media, the media in most European nations take a much more upfront, relaxed attitude toward sexuality. Its an advertising truth that sex sells. Leave it to the French, however, to take it to the extreme. A French clothing company, Shai Wear, has come out with an "interactive video catalog" that makes the homoerotic A&F Quarterly look tame. features explicit gay, lesbian and straight video catalogs featuring their clothing. While the video scene plays you can mouse over various articles of clothing and it will pull up information on the product. Think of and add porn. I haven't watched the straight or lesbian scenes, but the gay scene is hot (as you can tell from the screen shots) and it doesn't pull any punches. Obviously NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but definitely worth checking out if your tastes are broad enough.


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