Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Gay For Pay

In my last entry I mentioned gay-for-pay porn star Mark Dalton, which basically whet my appetite on the subject. Last month the Dallas Voice reported that another porn icon, Tom Katt, had renounced the porn industry and had found religion. The kicker was that he also announced that he was straight.

The Voice interviewed Katt, now known by his given name -- David Papaleo, who is still in the bodybuilding world and hopes to become a preacher.

I suppose the whole turn of events could have rubbed me the wrong way -- I mean, isn't "Kirk Cameron, Televangelist" bad enough? Reading his interview though, its difficult not to come away with some sympathy for Papaleo's experiences.

That said, what's next? Chi Chi LaRue turns to Kabbalah? Wait, that's already been covered, by Jason Sechrest.


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