Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Oil of Olay

I was shocked to see this recent picture of Luke Perry in an article about his new show on NBC, Windfall. He has not aged well, I'm afraid. I have to admit that I used to get the biggest hard on for him back in his 90210 days. Of course, time waits for no man and it really has taken its toll on poor Luke. Of course, nobody
manages to look young and boyish forever, and I'm actually one of those who prefers men to "boys." Still, there is such a thing as aging gracefully and Luke apparently hasn't learned the tricks of the trade on that front. He could have taken tips from someone who made the transition from hot young actor to devestating mature man -- Matt Dillon. That man just keeps improving over time. Its quite impressive. Unfortunately, I think Luke's days as TV hunk are over.


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