Sunday, July 09, 2006

Clash of the Blogging Titans

DarinsLast night was a bit of a treat for me. We had another DJ (DJ Tsunami, aka Jeff) come in a do a guest spot for a couple of hours. After having worked almost every weekend for the past year, I'm looking forward to bringing in some people on a regular basis soon. Anyway, I got the chance to hear Tsunami play and also was able to socialize and have fun (and drink heavily). To my surprise, I ran into Darin from All Prep and No H and his friends. I've run into Darin out on the town on occasion and he's one sassy lil spitfire. Since I had been drinking heavily, I also ended up being rather "friendly" toward Darin #2. What can I say? He's cute, I was drunk and its been ages since I've... uh, nevermind. Needless to say, I had to head back up to the DJ booth to earn my rent money and those boys ended up heading to Dick's Cabaret. Apparently, I had the last laugh because after 1am the boys at Dick's can't show any. Have I mentioned that I went to high school with one of the dancers there? Its true. Anyway, the bar cleared out after last call and I managed to make it home at a reasonable hour. All in all, an enjoyable evening.


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