Thursday, September 14, 2006


For those of you outside of Phoenix, here's a quick rundown of the history of the gay dance scene -- we used to have two main dance clubs here in town Boom & Crowbar, up until 3 years ago, or so. For a variety of reasons, Crowbar ended up closing and re-opening as a straight latino club. A couple of years later, Boom also ended up closing and then reopening as a gay latino club.

A year ago, my bar, Club Miami, ended up opening as an addition to Amsterdam, the main upscale bar here in town. Being the only resident since the club's opening, I've had the chance to grow and really establish the feel of the club, musically. That said, its not a perfect situation -- the space is small, its not a great dance club feel and having it attached to the other bar siphons people away from dancing, in my opinion. That said, I'm very glad to be where I am.

Most recently, a new gay dance club is in the works. It appears that the intent is to bring Phoenix the full-fledged dance club we've been lacking since Boom closed. A good thing, in my estimation. Its not clear when the opening is, though it seems like its pretty close. Personally, I'm really looking forward to it.

The underlying question, however, is this -- while I'm not unhappy where I am, could anyone blame me for being intrigued by the possibilities of a new, dance-only venue? It would certainly solve some of the issues that have nagged me since I started at Miami. At the same time, I've been treated very well by the owner at my place and I'm not one to burn bridges. Do I automatically jump at something because its new and shiny?

Just something rattling around in my head. Feedback is definitely appreciated.


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