Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Most-Hated BSG Characters

Ok, I figured that I'd do something a little different on my BSG countdown and examine the characters on BSG that I hate the most. Once we have my five, I'll let you guys vote on who you hate the most.

In no particular order:

Gaius Baltar

I don't think you can start a "most hated" list without Baltar. In additon to the obvious -- betraying the colonies and leading to the deaths of billions of people -- Baltar spends most of his time sniveling and whimpering before the Six "clone" in his head. (I call her a "clone" in the spirit of the Scorpius clone who played a similar role in Farscape.) There are some characters who are evil to the core and you can't help but at least respect their strength, cleverness, wit, etc. Gaius, on the other hand, demonstrates none of these -- just an admitted weakness of character.

Admiral Cain

Cain is the polar opposite of Baltar -- she is rigid and ruthless strength where Baltar is nothing but weakness. At the same time, she is perhaps as flawed as Gaius. In her zeal to survive, it seems like she has given up on what it means to be human. She fostered some of humanity's worst tendencies during her command of the Pegasus (and brief command of the fleet). Besides, she was just a Class A bitch.

Ellen Tigh

From one Class A bitch to another, we have Col. Tigh's drunken and manipulative wife. Since her reappearance we've been led to question whether Ellen might actually be a Cylon -- it would explain a great deal of things about her. Still, from what we've learned about her and Saul's past, it sounds like she's always been like that, Cylon or no. If I were married to her, I'm sure I'd have become an alcoholic too. Makes me glad I'm gay.

Lt. Gaeta

You may be thinking that this one is kind of a stretch. "What's wrong with Gaeta?" While the first three on this list are desipicable, Gaeta is just downright annoying. Essentially he's the Wesley Crusher of Galactica. That's enough to make me hate him.

Number Three

The only Cylon on my list -- yes, I loved Lucy Lawless as Xena, but Number Three is a different story. While outwardly helpful, Three's main goal was to push both Caprica Six and Sharon over the edge of insanity, resulting in their consciousnesses being placed in cold storage. Stone cold. I was glad that Caprica Six bashed her head in with a big lump of concrete.


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