Thursday, August 31, 2006

What ever happened to...

Adam and I decided to get together before his trip to Seattle. In honor of the countdown to Galactica's third season, we ordered Indian takeout and watched the original Galactica miniseries. I hadn't seen the miniseries in a while so it was great to go back and see how the new series started and compare things to where the are now right before season three.

Aside from the great chicken tikka masala and the good company, another interesting aspect was comparing the miniseries to the original series. That was really a blast because I have such vivid memories of watching the original Galactica. What was mind boggling was the realization that Adam had never seen it. It was kind of funny telling him that Tigh used to be black and have a mini-afro.

Comparing the original series to the mini-series and eventually the series as we know it now was really interesting -- you get to see what what worked (and didn't work), how characters were re-introduced and developed. I explained to Adam how they really did encounter the Pegasus in the original series... when the mini-series would make little homage references -- using the original BSG score during the de-commissioning ceremony, the cylons saying "By your command" toward the end. One interesting character they didn't pick up from the miniseries was Boxy -- I didn't remember the miniseries all that clearly so when Sharon and Helo went back to Caprica and encountered the little kid with the bowl haircut, I said, "Hey, that looks just like Boxy." Adam, of course, didn't know what the hell I was talking about. A bit later, sure enough, it was Boxy. He added a certain cuteness to the original show that was in line with the overall campiness that ran through the show. But I can't say I was sorry that he didn't make past the end of the miniseries.


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