Friday, October 27, 2006

Halloween Weekend Plans

One of my recent goals has been to schedule myself more time off from the bar. Spinning twice a weekend for this past year has been great and has given me the chance to learn a lot really quickly and really establish myself. But now its time to take a step back and give some other people a chance to play and myself the opportunity to reconnect with people socially.

Rainbows Festival weekend was my first chance to get out from the booth and back out on the town. I went to the Gold Party, which was somewhat disappointing. This Saturday is BS West's annual Halloween Party, which is always huge, along with the Monster Ball. Unfortunately, I had my chance to choose the party I went to and chose Gold, so I have to work. Nothing quite like the feeling of knowing knowing where everyone is going to be but not being able to be a part of things.

But I DO have tonight off. That leaves me with trying to figure out just what the hell to do when everyone is gearing up for tomorrow night. As a result, my enthusiasm for all things Halloween is rather subdued.


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