Monday, October 30, 2006

That Old Black Magic

Just in time for Halloween, here's an intersting little story. I think we all know that sometimes love can really bite and that some of us can do rather desperate things when we've been dumped. ("Some of us" refers to people other than me, of course.) Apparently, a distraught German woman who had recently been dumped sought out the help of an elderly woman who billed herself as a "Love Witch."

For the low price of only €1,000 (around $1,300), they held a full moon ritual designed to cause the ex-boyfriend to return. The jilted lover claimed the Love Witch gave her a money back guarantee... Ok, for those of you who don't know, real magic (or magick for those purists...) doesn't work that way.

Well, the spell didn't work -- hey, there's this little thing called free will and it is MAJOR bad karma to frak with it -- and the jilted lover wanted her money back. The German court sided against the Love Witch. What have we come to when a witch can't make a decent living?


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