Friday, April 28, 2006

Crack Is Whack!

Ladies and gentlemen, a moment of prayer for Whitney Houston. Apparently she's been carted off to rehab yet again and rumor has it that she made the trip without her front teeth -- supposedly she's smoked so much crack that some of her teeth have fallen out. Certainly I have no way of knowing whether that's true or not, but one thing I DO know -- Whitney is down right TRAGIC these days. So sad!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Marc's Midweek Vintage Beef Haiku

Before there was juice
Healthy beef roamed through the land.
Boy, those were the days!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Brady in Spring

Because "Brady Quinn Shirtless" is one of the top searches on my blog, I figured I'd feature these pics of the Uber-hottie ND QB at last weekend's Blue Gold game. No, he's not shirtless in this one, but he's still damn hot. Brady for Heisman!

Go Irish!

Thanks to the Blue-Gray Sky for these pics!

Something is Seriously Wrong!

When RJ was here in town a few weeks ago, he mentioned that I came off as a bit of a goody goody on the blog because I don't write about my slutty exploits. Let me be the first to say that just because I don't write about my exploits doesn't mean they haven't happened. In fact, it is almost the 1 year anniversary of the Italian Beef episode, so you can expect to see a full accounting of that very soon.

Anyway, I've noticed something lately and I feel compelled to share. Like many gay men out there, I've always had a strong appreciation for porn. Yes, watching hot guys go at it on video seemed to always hit the right buttons, as it were. Of course today there's more porn available than ever before - from the old standbys like Colt and Falcon to the recent explosion of "amateur" sites like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher, to name just a few. A few years ago it was kind of an event to see a porn star because there weren't THAT many of them. These days, however, I have to struggle to remember the people I know who HAVEN'T done porn. Its a bit unsettling to be watching a video only to notice that you had brunch last week with the guy moaning like a cheap whore.

That brings me back to my point: We had Pride here in Phoenix a few weeks ago and Falcon had a booth set up there complete with porn stars signing autographs. Of course, I took a cruise by for a moment but I was extremely disappointed. First of all, I've never heard of either of the guys there -- maybe that's just a sign that Phoenix is considered a backwater in the schemes of the porn world. Beyond that, however, on an objective basis, while the guys were attractive, you'd have a hard time arguing that they were considerably more attractive than some of the guys you would see out on a regular Saturday night. Indeed, there wasn't that much to set them apart from any of the attractive, gym-worked guys you can see at any large club or circuit party... except... I remember looking at one of the guys and while he had a nice body and attractive face, I just couldn't ignore the fact that they just didn't fit together... In fact, it was clear that the guy had over-plucked his eyebrows and I was pretty certain that he should have taken some more time to find makeup that better matched his skin tone. Maybe its internalized homophobia or something, but that is SO not hot.

As I've mentioned before, I appreciate porn and I've had my brushes with porn greatness... I've managed to make out with Dean Phoenix and I had Matthew Rush shove his ass in my face while I was in the front row of his performance of Making Porn. (For the record, while Rush seems like a very nice guy, ain't no way that he could be believable as a straight guy even if his life depended on it.) I've seen Billy Harrington yanked off the stage because he was showing his hole and last July 4th I got to hang out with Eric Evans and his bf a little bit (they're both VERY nice and make a great couple).

That being said, upon further examination I've discovered lately a much different reaction to porn... Boredom. My God, I can't believe I just said that. Yes, lately porn has struck me as tired, contrived and downright boring. Perhaps in years past porn tapped in to some of the unexplored fantasies rolling around in my head... But once you've had a spontaneous orgy actually occur at a party you've attended and been through a fivesome or two, really, what's left? When you run across a video shot at a sex club you've been to and the memories you have of the place are much steamier than the video, the whole wish fulfillment part of porn goes out the window. All you're left with is some guy's cock going in someone's ass over and over and over again. *YAWN*

Don't get me wrong, I loves me some beef and I will always be able to appreciate beautiful men, but something is definitely different these days.

More Mansploitation

I have to admit that I don't have much to talk about right now -- had a better weekend at Miami, the job search is in progress and I'm doing my best to get my social life off life support.

So, what to do in terms of blogging? Shameless mansploitation. Jonny loves it, so I might as well as keep it coming. Please keep in mind that two guys oiling each other up is in NO way gay. Not at all. Never. The thought would never enter my mind.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The End...

Well, the end of the week, at least. What says "Friday" like shirtless guys with tape measures? We all know that straight guys get together all the time and measure each other. Right...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Marc's Midweek Spring Break Haiku

11087717269925_5548, originally uploaded by -Jack-.

Gay men in training:
Tip back head and open throat
That's not a beer can!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Bunny Hangover

Things have been pretty slow on my end - Easter weekend was slow at Miami. I confess that I've been a bit frustrated lately because the place closes out pretty quickly after last call. The gay scene in Phoenix has been that way for quite a while -- people want to check out the other place simple because its something to do. It used to drive me crazy because I'd be having a great time and then all of my friends would insist on leaving around 1am. Now the glass half-full part of me should be piping up and reminding me that it means I get to come home earlier. Unfortunately, a decent chunk of the time I get the feeling that people don't really care what I play. Not sure if there's an answer other than just to keep doing the best I can and letting things work out the way they will.

Aside from that, still in the middle of the job search, which has made life rather boring. Wish I had some fascinating story about the guy to the right, but he's just eye candy. Hopefully life will get moving again soon.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday!

Since I went with the whole wrestling theme for this week's haiku, I figured I'd go ahead and close the week out with this hunky wrestler from Ohio State. While he's technically clothed, that singlet doesn't leave much to the imagination. I need to find me some hot wrestler guy like that.

Thanks, Queer Click!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

You I Love

What do you get when you put together a TV news anchor with a food fetish, an advertising executive, a homeless worker, a reindeer, Buddhism, cola commercials, and the Russian army? You get one of the oddest movies I have seen in quite a while. You I Love, a Russian movie I rented on Netflix, is just flat out strange. As I had mentioned to Adam, the guys involved weren't really hot enough to make up for the food fetish woman. I'd really expect some Kristian Bjorn level guys for something like that. I also admit that this is the first Russian movie I've ever watched.

"Freedom is cola!"

Straight Men Are So Gay!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Marc's Midweek Wrestling Beef Haiku

acd35F, originally uploaded by haloloop.

His weight upon me
Spreading my legs wide, I groan.
Well... I let him win!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Blogger Summit

Life returned to normal this past weekend now that Pride is in the rear view mirror. RJ was in town this weekend to hang out with Seattle Boy for the softball tournament. Sunday, RJ, Homer and I decided to get together for lunch at Oregano's -- apparently RJ's presence was causing Seattle Boy's team to lose, so we needed to keep him from doing any more damage. One of the benefits of the whole blogging phenomenon is that despite the fact that RJ, Homer and I had never met, we still knew each other remarkably well. Friendship takes many forms. In any event, lunch was great and I'm quite glad I was able to finally get to meet the guys in person.

Several hours later, I got a text message from RJ that the softball crew was heading over to Charlie's. I decided to head over and put in a little social time. After wading through the crowd I finally made my way over to RJ and was able to meet Seattle Boy at last. WOW. Add RJ in a tank top and you have two incredibly hot and very good guys. I managed to chat with the both of them for a bit and suggested that Seattle might not be a bad place to live (hint, hint, RJ!). I let those two molest each other and spent some time with other friends who were swilling Bud Light in mini pitchers.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Queer Ducks!

I've written before about Germany's fabulous gay penguin couple, but if you needed any more evidence of Europe's more liberal attitudes toward gay wildlife, here's another prime example: The Australian reports on a pair of male ducks that have returned a park in southern Sweden during mating season. A city wildlife official stated that, "they act exactly like a couple (composed) of a man and woman, the bigger one always defending the smaller duck."

Rumors that the ducks are fleeing persecution from their home, Vatican City, have not yet been substantiated.

Friday's Ode to Beef

I know that Pride was last weekend and all but it is Friday which is reason enough to celebrate. What better way to celebrate with a tribute to one of my favoritest things -- BEEF.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Many thanks to Alex at The Great Cock Hunt!

The Other White Meat!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Marc's Midweek Baseball Beef Haiku

While I like third base,
I'm glad that you're a catcher.
Watch me swing my bat.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Narcissism Is So Gay pt. 2

As I've mentioned before, just because you're listening to hip hop doesn't make it less gay.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Very Gay Weekend

Pride rolls around early here in Phoenix. Most other places celebrate Pride in June but since Phoenix in June makes Hell look like a pleasant spring day, they moved things back. I remember going to my first Pride back when I was in college, back in the early 90s -- I had come home college for the summer; was still deeply in the closet. At that point I didn't talk to anyone there and I was worried that someone might recognize me.

Flash forward a good 12 years or so -- its fashionable in Phoenix to compare events in Phoenix to those in other cities and complain that we're not up to par. I don't think its exclusively a gay thing, but it happens a decent bit. That said, Pride in Phoenix has come a long way over that time and I've grown right along with it.

I didn't make it to the Parade this year, which apparently was the largest to date. I spent most of my time at the Festival with Tom and his friends. Generally I'm not big on hanging out with groups of people and while I didn't really know Tom's friends, it wound up being a pretty good mix.

We were playing a game to see who could find the scariest characters as well as the most manly looking lesbians. We managed to capture Tom's friend Stu with Mr. Red Jockstrap. That raises an important question -- what would my blood alcohol level have to be to get me to go out in a leather vest and jockstrap?

After the festival I headed over to Amsterdam, where Chi Chi LaRue took a break from directing porn to spin some party music out on the Patio. Everyone, these days, wants to be a DJ - its right up there with "Born Again" Evangelical Preacher as the trendy career moves. In fact, I'm expecting to hear that Kirk Cameron is ditching his Televangelism gig in favor of DJing. Better yet, look out for Kirk's new "Raves for Jesus" tour.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy Pride!