Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Where's the Beef?

Ok, you all know I love me some beef, but here's some talk about beef of a different sort. Apparently there's some debate going on right now over the birthplace of the burger. A legislator in Texas has introduced a resolution that would declare that Texas (specifically, Athens, Texas) is the original home of beers, steers and queers the hamburger. State Legislator Betty Brown, a resident of Athens, claims that the burger was first sold in their town in the late 1880s. Texas and their cows, a no brainer, right?

Not so fast! The owner of "Lewis' Lunch" in New Haven, CT, Ken Lassen, claims that his grandfather invented the burger back in 1900 when he owned the diner. Not surprisingly, New Haven's mayor backs Lassen's story, despite the tenuous connection between the home of Yale University and cattle. Then again, who knew there was an Athens, Texas? Athens, Georgia, I've heard of, Athens, Texas, no.

Despite this governmental pissing match, there's one unalterable truth they cannot legislate away: Beef - its what's for dinner!

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