Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Such a Baldwin!

I swung by the library today and while picking up a couple of books from the recent additions, I noticed a notable face staring back at me... Stephen Baldwin. I thought to myself, "now there's someone who's career has really gone into the shitter. I wonder what he's been up to?" The answer? He's been finding Jesus. His new book talks about "the New Hardcore Movement of Faith." I stifled a laugh, being that I was in the library, and all. Now let me say one thing -- my impression is that celebrities generally live pretty fucked up lives and do all sorts of crazy things. On one hand, I give SB some credit for taking a look at his life and wanting to do something different. That said, I can't help but chuckle as he decides to take the role of rebel and martyr in his family by joining the born-again, evangelist preaching to the skateboard & BMX set. MUST. AVOID. THINKING. HE'S. JUST. ANOTHER. KIRK-CAMERON-EQUE. CLICHE.

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