Monday, January 29, 2007


I was at Fry's supermarket today picking up a few items, enjoying the relaxed air of what would normally be another painful Monday afternoon at the office. As I made my way down the aisle with the baking accessories, the grocery store muzak channel took a wistful turn down nostalgia lane that caught me by surprise: Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait" came pouring from the speakers and my carefully crafted facade of happiness fell to pieces. Memories of Dawson's Creek came rushing back into my overwhelmed consciousness and I could not escape the feeling that things had gone horribly wrong.

I was in my last semester of law school when Dawson's Creek debuted on The WB. I remember how cute Dawson and Joey looked together, had a platonic crush on Katie Holmes, and wished I had a hot friend named "Joey" who would climb into my bedroom when I was growing up. Where were the hot, intelligent, sensitive guys like Dawson when I was in high school? At least through Dawson's Creek I could relive my spent youth as I wish it could have been. To boot, Dawson's father was HOT HOT HOT. OMG.

Ah, youth. So much promise... and yet, life has a strange way of turning out. Perhaps the first sign that things weren't going to turn out so well was the entire notion of Joey and Pacey being together. I mean, when has Joshua Jackson ever been appealing? Then they killed off Dawson's HOT father in a car accident... And while Kerr Smith did make a rather fetching one of the gays (also in Broken Heart's Club), I was quite offended by the whole storyline where his lame sister almost dies from taking a tab of Ecstacy. If you're gonna get KOed from one pill, you should really be living your life in one of those plastic bubbles.

Look back now and look at the wreckage that was Dawson's Creek. The WB doesn't even exist anymore -- its mutated into the WB. Neither James Van Der Beek nor Joshua Jackson have careers to speak of, and my beloved Katie Holmes is now married to the Scientologist's Messiah and has an alien baby named Suri. How could it have come to this?

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